Frequent questions

1° Where can you find Gabrí?

Today we are present in every region of Chile (with the exception of Easter Island) thanks to the tremendous commercial effort of our team and logistics of Gabrí distributors, we also have dispatch to all of Chile on our page.

2° How can I contact you?

For commercial issues you can write to us by mail and for any other question you can write to the mail or whatsapp on the web.

3° Where we dispatch and delivery times. 

We ship to all of Chile. The times and costs by region can be found in the following link.

4° What do I do if a product arrives in poor condition?

Please write to us at, we will respond as soon as possible.

5° Can I pay by invoice? 

Yes, we accept invoice payments for companies. In order to do so, you must contact

6° Can you buy wholesale?

Yes, for wholesale purchases contact

7° Are the promotions cumulative?

No, discount codes are not cumulative.

8° Do the products contain gluten?

All our products are gluten free.

9° Do the products have an expiration date?

Gin and vodka have a shelf life of approximately 2 years. In the case of canned Gin & Tonic and Moscow Mule, this shelf life is 6 months, in dark environments and without high temperatures.

10° What inputs are used to make gin and vodka? Are they reusable?

Our bottles are made from 60% recycled white glass and 40% pure glass. However, we aim to make the bottle easier to recycle by making a screen print that replaces the paper label.

In addition, we have a program, where we seek with our clients (B2B) to collect used bottles on a fortnightly basis to be able to convert our bottles into glass cups and give them a new use.

11° I am a distributor. How do I contact you?

Write us at and we will contact you shortly.